Grass’s added ingredient
Ian Brunskill
Günter Grass recently caused an outcry after revealing that he had been a member of the Waffen SS. But, argues Ian Brunskill, if the controversy has dented Grass’s reputation as conscience of the nation then that may be no bad thing; not even for Grass himself.

Poet in pain
Adam Thorpe
In his latest book, Andrew Motion remembers – and unremembers – a childhood interrupted by tragedy.

Beyond the nuclear
M. E. Yapp
There is a sadness, a long unrequited yearning, hidden in the history of Iran’s relations with the US. There is also a tale of incompetent diplomats, mutual incomprehension and dangerous rhetoric.

Breath was just another weapon
Bharat Tandon
After the “Technicolor knock-about” of his previous novel, Martin Amis returns almost to top form with his restrained story of the Gulag.

Illumination in the underbelly
Steven Poole
A richly gossipy and diverting new history of Paris reveals the real city, away from stamping ground of literary ghosts.

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