Review: Barcelona Shadows – Marc Pastor

Pushkin Press can always be relied upon to produce interesting and high quality books and I was pleased to receive Barcelona Shadows from them as a review copy. My praise of this book is nothing to do with the fact that I didn’t pay for it – I reject many books that come my way, […]

Don Quixote Readalong Part 4 – war and peace

Reading two books at a time

I’ve never liked reading more than one book at a time, and so its not been particularly easy to interrupt my current book to return to Don Quixote which I am reading over the course of ten weeks. However, I soon get back into the tales of the valiant […]

Don Quixote Readalong Part 3 – the complexities of love

Well, that’s about 280 pages of adventuring with Don Quixote so far. Fortunately, Miguel de Cervantes has turned out to be the writer everyone says he is and my interest has been held.

I’ve pulled out three themes from this week’s reading:


Spain is a country of mountain ranges and high sierras and in […]

Don Quixote Readalong Part 2 – when danger outweighs hope

So far, my reading of Don Quixote has shown me that its humour is its strongest feature, quite apart from the compelling drama of the ridiculous “adventures” and the lyrical tales which are told along the way (by the way, the idea of reading Don Quixote over ten weeks came from Stu of Winstonsdad’s blog).


Don Quixote Readalong – Part 1

Along with Stu of Winston’s Dad’s Blog, I am reading Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes at the rate of 92 pages a week (it will take us ten weeks to complete the book). We are using the acclaimed 2003 translation by Edith Grossman whose Wikipedia entry suggests that she deserves a review of her […]

Review: Stone in a Landslide – Maria Barbal

Thanks to everyone who visited while I was away in Germany. I did a lot of reading and have taken plenty of notes for future reviews.

Now on to today’s book, Stone in a Landslide by Maria Barbal. Spanish Catalonia has a very distinctive culture of its own, with its own language, Catalonian, and many […]