Review: Saturn – Jacek Dehnel

Saturn by Polish author Jacek Dehnel is a historical novel based on the life of Spanish artist Francisco Goya. The shocking cover illustration shows one of Francisco Goya’s “Black Paintings” depicting Saturn devouring one of his sons. When Goya was in his seventies, he painted the Black Paintings directly onto the walls of his house […]

Review: Cold Sea Stories – Pawel Huelle

I have been following Pawel Huelle’s writings for some time now. A few of his books have now been translated by the excellent Antonia Llloyd-Jones and they rate highly as examples of modern European literature.

For my 300th article on this website I am pleased to write about Huelle’s new book, Cold Sea Stories. This […]

Review: The Last Supper – Pawel Huelle

I was pleased to hear that Serpent’s Tail have published Pawel Huelle’s new book, The Last Supper. I have previously enjoyed Huelle’s collection of short stories, his novel Who Was David Weisner? and also his prequel to Thomas Mann’s Magic Mountain, Castorp, all of which show Huelle to be a substantial European literary figure. Whereas […]

Review: Moving House – Pawel Huelle

Sometimes you read a book by new author and immediately want to read every other book they wrote. Reading Pawel Huelle’s Castorp (reviewed here) had this effect on me and now I have been able to buy used versions of Moving House and Other Stories and Who Was David Weiser?, soon to be followed by […]

Review: Castorp – Pawel Huelle

In Castorp we revisit the life of Hans Castorp, of Thomas Mann’s The Magic Mountain. As many readers will know, in The Magic Mountain, Hans Castorp visits his cousin, a patient in a Swiss sanatorium high up in the Alps. He is persuaded to have a medical examination, and drifts into a prolonged […]