A mixed bag of topics


Its been a busy weekend, what with family staying and others visiting. Its been the finest Easter on record as fas as weather is concerned and we’ve all been at the beach, where friends kindly lent us their beach-hut.

The house was awash with Easter Eggs, and now we have two grandchildren (see […]

Review: The Facility – Simon Lelic

A sinister government establishment, The Facility, has been opened in the Cornish countryside, the purpose of which is to receive a category of detainees who need to be isolated from the mass of the population for fear of contamination. The facility is staffed by Prison Service staff, assisted by a tough and unfeeling team of […]

A month with a Kindle

Amazon Kindle in Duragadget case

Everyone seems to be writing about their Kindle but I’m going to jot down a few thoughts anyway.

The Kindle was a Christmas gift from my wife but I’d known it was coming so I had preloaded it with a couple of books and when I turned it on […]