Review: The Door – Magda Szabó

Magda Szabó (1917-2007)was Hungary’s foremost woman novelist (it is not me who placed the gender qualification in that title!). All I know about her is that The Door is a very fine novel and makes me want to read more of her novels – a desire sadly thwarted by the lack of English translations.

While […]

Review: Journey By Moonlight – Antal Szerb

In Journey by Moonlight, the Hungarian writer Antal Szerb has produced one of the most memorable novels I have read for some time. When I finished it, I turned back to think about what to write in this review and was immediately drawn back into whichever part of the story I landed in, beguiled by […]

Review: Metropole – Ferenc Karinthy

I’ve enjoyed looking at some Telegram books recently, and found Metropole in a local bookshop. In this unusual novel, Hungarian linguist Budai travels to Helsinki for an international conference but inadvertently is placed on a flight to an un-named and unidentifiable city, where he finds himself whisked away to an hotel without his baggage. He […]