Review: The Address Book – Tim Radford

Like many school children of my era, when writing my name and address in a book I would extend the address to include cosmic information such as,

. . . Great Britain Europe Earth Outer Space The Universe

In his book, The Address Book, Tim Radford has taken that concept and written a set of […]

Review: Granta 114 – Aliens

I have been reading Granta magazine for years now and usually find that this quarterly magazine is full of interesting articles and stories. Each issue is themed with a particular topic, recent editions having subtitles such as “Going Back”, “The Best of Spanish Novelists” and “Pakistan” – with 15 to 20 items in each one, […]

Review: The Education of a British-Protected Child – Chinua Achebe

When I was a member of my first book group about ten years ago, the first book we read together was Chinua Achebe’s fine African novel Things Fall Apart. Since writing this novel in 1958, Achebe has had a distinguished academic career and was one of the first African writers to awaken the Western conscience […]

Review: Making an Elephant – Graham Swift

Making an Elephant is one of those books which I thoroughly enjoyed from the moment it arrived through the post – a nicely designed and substantial book with plenty of interesting content (including quite a few well-chosen photographs). And from a favourite author, providing considerable insight into the writer’s life, with illustrations and stories […]

Review: Field Work – Ronald Blythe

It is when reading books like Field Work that you find yourself giving thanks for the large number of independent publishers such as Black Dog Books (and booksellers who stock such titles such as my local Much Ado Books of Alfriston.

I usually enjoy books of essays and this collection, Field Work, from Ronald Blythe […]

Review: At Large and Small – Anne Fadiman

I first came across Anne Fadiman some years ago via her book of reflections on reading Ex Libris. I enjoyed that little book more than its size would suggest, and when I read a review of At Large and Small I was intrigued enough to buy a copy. I found that it contains a collection […]