Review: The Misfortunates – Dimitri Verhulst

I read quite a few European books in translation but its not often I come across a book from Belgium (only two feature on this blog so far). Late last year I made a visit to Bruges and realised that that beautiful city of canals and filigreed stonework was hardly characteristic of a country that […]

Review: The Angel Maker – Stefan Brijs

The Angel Maker is one of the few (only?) books I have read by a Belgian author, which is probably more to do with a lack of interest on the part of publishers in Flemish/English translations than any lack of talent in the Belgian publishing scene. Certainly, Stefan Brijs has produced a complex and engaging […]

Review: Forever Nude – Guy Goffette

Forever Nude is the story of French painter and print-maker Pierre Bonnard’s lifelong relationship with a young farm girl, Marthe de Méligny, his muse and inspiration over many years.

Bonnard encountered Marthe when she was 16 years old and attempting to cross the Boulevard Haussman. Marthe, who had just arrived in Paris from her father’s […]