Review Policy

I prefer to get my own books but am prepared to receive occasional review copies of European books in English translation. But please contact me first.  If you send me a review copy I will refer to this in the review so my readers can tell when a book has been sent to my by a publisher.

9 thoughts on “Review Policy

  1. Hi,

    I don’t know what to do now ! You did publish a very good review…well, it said nice things so that’s ‘very good’ in my book, so to speak…my previous The Colour of Her Eyes, eBook there on Amazon. But I have a new book, The Snake Dancer of Sati Choura, and am not sure if it’s going to fall foul of your dont-send-to-me criteria…extracts on my website anyway, should give a good picture. Regards, Conan Kennedy.


  2. Signal Books have just published my first book Walking the Hexagon, an escape around France on foot. It is the story of my 4,000 mile walk through the frontier regions of France-the adventures I had, the people I met, the character of the French regions through which I passed. I have had a serious interest in French history since studying it at university. Would you be interested in reviewing my book? I would be happy to send you a review copy. Best Wishes,
    Terry Cudbird


  3. Hi

    Bought my Snake Dancer of Sati Choura as an ebook?

    I was actually going to send you a printed copy but couldn’t find a physical address. Probably just as well now that I see this “not accepting review copies” notice. But pity though, the printed version has a much nicer cover!




    • Hi Conan – thanks for pointing out the message on my review policy page which I had forgotten about. I have changed it now. I’m going to get round to reading your book sometime in the next month and will let you know when I publish a review. The cover alone should sell the book! Best, Tom


  4. Note: This Mobius Strip of Ifs is the winner of the 2012 National Indie Excellence Awards in the non-fiction category and a 2012 Global Ebook Award Finalist.
    Dear Reviewer:
    I authored The i Tetralogy, a Holocaust novel, winner of the Allbooks Review Editor’s Choice Award, and Down to a Sunless Sea, a collection of short fiction, finalist for the Indie Excellence Book Awards.
    This Möbius Strip of Ifs, a new book of essays and memoirs written over four decades, a kind of Bilsdungroman of my psychological life as a writer, psychotherapist, spiritual seeker, and teacher was published in February.
    Midwest Book Review writes:
    We often live in lives of regret and unfulfilled dreams. “This Mobius Strip of Ifs” is a collection of essays from Mathias B. Freese as he discusses American culture and how we determine our goals and dreams, as well as our doubts. Speaking clearly on this history and offering much pondering on the nature of the truths of the world, “This Mobius Strip of Ifs” is a thoughtful and inspirational collection of essays on psychology, philosophy, and thought, very much recommended. –
    Mensa Bulletin(November/December 2011) published “To Ms. Foley, With Gratitude,” the opening essay from the book. The essay has also won the Society of Southwestern Authors first place award for personal essay/memoir.
    If you are open to reviewing this book, please forward your mailing address.
    Mathias B. Freese
    Genre: Personal essay/memoir
    Pub. Date February 2012
    Page count: 164
    ISBN: 978-1-60494-723-6
    Kindle format as well
    Synopsis: A mixture of the author’s reminiscences, insights, observations, and criticism,
    This Möbius Strip of Ifs examines the use and misuse of psychotherapy, childhood
    trauma, complicated family relationships, his frustration as a teacher, and the enduring
    value of tenaciously writing through it all. Freese scathingly describes the conditioning
    society imposes upon artists and awakened souls.


    • Thanks Mathias – as a UK reviewer this may not be as relevant to me as to an American. I think I’ll pass on this one thanks, due to the size of my to be read pile at the moment.


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