Four Quartets – T S Eliot

I don’t read much poetry, but thanks for BBC Radio 4 I get small doses of poetry which make me wish I had the time to explore more poets and their work. Every week Poetry Please with Roger McGough provides it’s listeners with 30 minutes of readers requests and occasional features on individual poets (Shirley […]

Review: Ljubljana Tales – New Europe Writers

Ljubljana Tales is published by New Europe Writers, a publishing enterprise dedicated to exploring the literary connections between the various European states, with an emphasis on those countries which were formally behind the Iron Curtain.

They have published several volumes of “Tales” including Warsaw Tales (now available for free download), Budapest Tales, Prague Tales […]

Christmas Gifts for Readers

Over the last month I’ve been looking out for books which would make good Christmas gifts for readers. I’m covering one more item today and also listing the other four below this article. Today’s choice is a subscription to Slightly Foxed, a quarterly journal which calls itself “The Read Reader’s Quarterly”.

I have periods of […]

Review: Poems on the Underground – Judith Chernaik (ed)

Christmas Gifts for Readers no. 2. (a short series)

Anyone who travels on London Underground will be familiar with the poems which appear over the heads of passengers in the advertising frames. The project began back in 1986 when Gerard Benson, Judith Chernaik and Cicely Herbert persuaded London Underground to post poems on their […]

Review: New Oxford Rhyming Dictionary

Why would you want a rhyming dictionary? After all, much of today’s poetry is free-form or blank verse where rhymes have been discarded in favour of the enigmatic, meaningful lines that stop you in your tracks. Rhymed poetry seems to draw you on relentlessly from one line to the next – great […]

The Faber Book of 20th Century German Poems

Parrish recently reviewed The Faber Book of 20th Century German Poems and wrote that “as an introduction to a poetry that can hold it’s head high on the world stage, this book will take some beating”. I was inspired me to take a look at it and agree that its pretty good. I’m not a […]