Summer Break

I will be taking a break from reviewing books this summer and intend to return in September. I may write occasional posts but these will be few and far between. Life gets very busy during June to August and it’s difficult to find the time for serious reading and at the moment I’ve even been […]

Life has its seasons

Taking a break from book blogging at the moment due to huge amounts real-world stuff



2011 Round-up including best books

La Flotte – Ile de Ré

2011 was an eventful year for our family, with the birth of Florence, a new grand-daughter in February and the marriage of our son in September. We now have two little girls to look after on Wednesdays while our daughter works and I have spent many afternoons doing […]

Review: The Etymologicon – Mark Forsyth

Like many people I am mildly interested in where words come from and I’ve occasionally read and reviewed books like David Crystal’s By Hook or By Crook which looks at where English place-names come from. Unless books like these are skilfully written they can quickly become tedious and its usually best to get this sort […]

My Desktop

The Guardian has started a new series called Writers Desktops in which various literary folk talk about the environment they spend most of their working lives in – their computer screen. So following the same theme, I now present:

A Book Blogger’s Desktop:

I like to take a minimalist approach to my desktop – I […]

Miscellaneous Thursday

London Review of Books

As a book reviewer I like to read plenty of other reviews. This lets me keep in touch with what’s being published, and also to learn how other people approach the task of book reviewing. Earlier in the year I took out a trial subscription to the London Review of Books […]

Review: A Brief History of Diaries: From Pepys to Blogs – Alexandra Johnson

Hesperus Press can be relied on to produce interesting high-quality books and their Brief History series is no exception. There are four books in the series so far – Biographies, Fables and Encyclopaedias and the one reviewed here, A Brief History of Diaries, which I chose because of its relevance to an online writer like […]

Taking a break

A bridge into the woods

This summer is being incredibly busy, what with the (very welcome) involvement in the lives of our two grand-daughters, preparations for our son’s wedding, various relatives visiting us, and more travelling. I have therefore decided to take a break from writing reviews until the autumn.

One or two new […]

A busy time

Real life has interfered with my book reviewing in the last ten days or so. Our daughter has just had her second baby (Florence) and needless to say, with us living so close to her, we’ve been going across to see her and also taking two year-old Iris home with us for the occasional stay-overs […]

Recommended list of book blogs

The photos above show Michelham Priory. I am a member of the management committee and was over there this week on a glorious sunny day. The gardener had been preparing for spring and these pictures show the results of his work.

I’ve just spent an hour going through my list of Recommended Book Blogs […]