Christmas Appeal – Book Aid International

I am a keen supporter of Book Aid International which  increases access to books and supports literacy, education and development in sub-Saharan Africa.  An example of their work is the supply of book boxes to schools in Tanzania and they have produced this heart-warming video of how their work directly affects children and teachers.

You could join Book Aid’s Reverse Book Club for £6 a month – you will not receive any books at all but as Michael Palin says,

By transforming your donation of just £6 a month into 36 books each year, this wonderful charity can help transform the lives of so many people and communities. Each and every book sent gets read over and over again – changing thousands of lives.

I encourage all readers who find books so easy to come by to consider giving this small amount each month and benefiting those who find books a precious and almost unobtainable commodity.


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