Author index

-This is an alphabetic list of authors together with their books which have been reviewed on the weblog A Common Reader. An alphabetic list of titles can be seen here


A –

Abley, Mark
- The Prodigal Tongue

Achebe, Chinua
- Education of a British Protected Child, The

Ackroyd, Peter
-The Casebook of Victor Frankenstein

Adam, Olivier
- Cliffs

Ahmad, Imran
- Unimagined

Alderman, Naomi
- The Lessons

Alvtegen, Karin
- Shadow

Aronowitz, Richard
- Its Just the Beating of my Heart

Arscott, David
- A Sussex Kipling

Aymé, Marcel
- Beautiful Image

B –

Bailey, Rosemary
- Love and War in the Pyrenees

Baker, Nicholson
- The Anthologist
- Human Smoke

Bakewell, Sarah
-  How to Live, A Life of Montaigne

Balzac, Honoré de
- Père Goriot

Bannaleç, Jean-Luc
- Death in Pont-Aven

Banville, John
- The Infinities

Barbal, Maria
- Stone in a Landslide

Bashford, Henry Howarth
- Augustus Carp

Batuman, Elif
- The Possessed

Baxter, Stephen
- Flood

Belloc, Hilaire
- The Four Men

Bellos, David
- Is That A Fish In Your Ear?

Berger, John
- Corker’s Freedom

Bernhard, Thomas
- The Old Masters

Blythe, Ronald
- Field Work

Bolano, Robert
- Nazi Literature in the Americas

Bologna, Filippo
- How I Lost The War

Boxall, Peter
1001 Book You Must Read Before You Die

Braithwaite, Rodrick
- Moscow 1941

Brodrick, William
- The Discourtesy of Death

Bruhns, Wibke
- My Father’s Country

Brijs, Stefan
- The Angel Maker

Briscoe, Paul
- My Friend the Enemy

Buckley, Jonathan
- Nostalgia

Burn, Gordon
- Born Yesterday

C –

Camilleri, Andrea
- Age of Doubt
- Dance of the Seagull
Dance of the Seagull

Cherniak, Judith (editor)
- Poems on the Underground

Child, Lee
- 61 Hours

Christoper, John
- The Death of Grass

Clarke, Lindsay
- The Water Theatre

Coe, Jonathan
-The Terrible Privacy of Maxwell Sim

Cook, Coleridge
- The Meowmorphosis

Cook, Jude
- Byron Easy

Conrad, Joseph
- The Secret Agent

Coren, Victoria
- For Richer for Poorer

Cossé, Laurence
- A Novel Bookstore -

Cross, Neil
- Burial

Crumb, Robert
- Introducing Kafka (with David Zane Mairowitz)

Crystal, David
- By Hook or by Crook

Cudbird, Terry
- Walking the Hexagon

D –

Dasgupta, Rana
- Solo

Davenport Hines, Richard
- A Night at the Majestic

Davidson, Martin
- The Perfect Nazi

Davis, Lydia
- The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis

de Maupassant, Guy
- Pierre et Jean

Dean, Louise
- The Old Romantic

Dehnel, Jacek
- Saturn

Delius, Friedrich Christian
- Portrait of the Mother as a Young Woman

Denny, Isabel
- The Fall of Hitler’s Fortress City

de Waal, Edmund
- Hare with Amber Eyes, The

di Lampedusa, Giuseppe Tomasi
- The Leopard
- Letters from London and Europe

Dickinson, Robert
- The Noise of Strangers

Dostoevsky, Fyodor
- Uncle’s Dream

Drabble, Margaret
- The Pattern in the Carpet

Dunn, Mark
- Ella Minnow Pea

E –

Eastland, Sam
- The Red Moth

Egremont, Max
- Forgotten Land

Eichner, Hans
- Kahn and Englemann

Ellis, David

- Death and the Author

Enzensburger, Hans Magnus
- The Silences of Hammerstein

F –

- The Crimson Petal and The White
- The Fire Gospel

Fadiman, Anne
- At Large and Small

Fallada, Hans
- Alone in Berlin
- Little Man What Now- Tales from the Underworld

Fante, John
- The Road to Los Angles

Fermor, Patrick Leigh
- A Time of Gifts

Ferris, Joshua
- The Unnamed

Fitzgerald, F Scott
- The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Flaubert, Gustave
- Sentimental Education

Foden, Giles
- Turbulence

Fontane, Theodor
- Effi Briest

Ford, Richard
- Canada
- The Lay of the Land

Forsyth, Mark
- The Etymologicon
- The Horologicon

Foulds, Adam
- The Quickening Maze

Franzen, Jonathan
- Freedom

Furst, Alan
- Mission to Paris
- Spies of the Balkans

Fyfield, Frances
- Blood from Stone
- Gold Digger

G –

Galgut, Damon
- The Quarry

Gardam, Jane
- Last Friends
- The Man in the Wooden Hat

Gekoski, Rick
- Outside of a Dog, A Bibliomemoire

Genazino, Wilhelm
- The Shoe Tester of Frankfurt

Glavinic, Thomas
- Pull Yourself Together

Goffette, Guy
- Forever Nude

Gooden, Philip
- Idiomantics

Grandin, Greg
- Fordlandia

Granta Magazine
- Are We Related?  The New Granta Book of the Family

Grass, Gunther
- Crabwalk
- Peeling the Onion
- The Tin Drum

Gray, John
- Black Mass

Gray, Simon
- Coda
- The Last Cigarette

Greene, Graham
- The Heart of the Matter

Grossman, Vasily
- A Writer at War

Grushin, Olga
- The Concert Ticket

Guterson, David
- The Other

H –

Hamilton- Paterson, James
- Amazing Disgrace
- Rancid Pansies

Hatoum, Milton
- Orphans of Eldorado

Hawes, James
- Excavating Kafka

Hein, Christoph
- Settlement

Hemon, Aleksandar (Ed)
- Best European Fiction 2010

Hemingway, Ernest
- A Farewell to Arms

Hiller Mischa
- Sabra Zoo

Himmler, Katrin
- The Himmler Brothers

Hodgkinson, Will
- The Ballad of Britain

Hoffman, E T A
- The King’s Bride
- Lichtenberg and the Little Flower Girl

Hoffman, Michael
- The Faber Book of 20th Century German Poems

Hogan, Edward
- The Hunger Trace

Holmqvist, Ninn
- The Unit

Homes, A M
- Music for Torching

Huelle, Pawel
- Castorp
- Cold Sea Stories
- The Last Supper
- Moving House

Hugo, Victor
- The Last Day of a Condemned Man

Hunt, Irmgard
- On Hitler’s Mountain

Hunt, Nick
Walking the Woods and the Water

Hyland, M J
- This is How

I –

Ishiguro, Kazuo
- Nocturnes
- Unconsoled, The

J –

Jackson, Shirley
- The Lottery and Other Stories

Jacobson, Howard
- The Finkler Question

James, Peter
- Dead Like You

Jannson, Tove
- Fair Play
- The True Deceiver

Jauffret, Régis
- Severe

Jenkins, Michael
- A House in Flanders

Johnson, Adam
- The Orphan Master’s Son

Johnson, Alexandra
- A Brief History of Diaries:  From Pepys to Blogs

Jones, Sadie
- The Outcast

Jungk, Peter Stephan
- Inheritance, The

K –

Karinthy, Ferenc
- Metropole

Karski, Jan
- Story of a Secret State

Keillor, Garrison
- Liberty

Keilson, Hans
- Death of an Adversary

Kehlmann, Daniel
- Measuring the World

Kelly, Ian
- Casanova

Kelly, Susie
- Best Foot Forward
- The Valley of Heaven and Hell

Kennedy, A L
- The Blue Book

Kennedy, Conan
- The Colour of Her Eyes

Kerr, Philip
- A Quiet Flame

Keun, Irmgard
- After Midnight

Kim, Anna
- Anatomy of a Night

Kiss, Yudit
- The Summer My Father Died

Knausgaard, Karl O
- A Time for Every Purpose Under Heaven

Koch, Herman
- The  Dinner

Krauss, Nicole
- Great House

L –

Laidler, Keith
- Surveillance Unlimited

Laing, Olivia
- To the River

Lanchester, John
- Family Romance

Lange, Hartmut
- Missing Persons

Larsson, Stieg
- The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Lelic, Simon
- The Facility

Lelord, François
- Hector and the Search for Happiness

Lernet-Holena, Alexander
- I Was Jack Mortimer

Light, Alison
- Mrs Woolf and the Servants

Littell, Jonathan
- The Kindly Ones

Lodge, David
- A Man of Parts

M –

Mabanckou, Alain
- Broken Glass

Mandanipour, Shariar
- Censoring an Iranian Love Story

Manguel, Alberto
- All Men are Liars
- Library at Night, The

Mann, Thomas
- Buddenbrooks
- Doctor Faustus
- The Magic Mountain

Marani, Diego
- New Finnish Grammar

Matar, Hisham
- Anatomy of a Disappearance

Mawer, Simon
- The Glass Room

May, Peter
Entry Island

Mayhew, Jenny
- A Wolf in Hindelheim

Mazzini, Miha
The German Lottery

McGrath, Alister
- C S Lewis, A Life

Means, David
- Assorted Fire Events

Melville, Pauline
- Eating Air

Mérimée, Prosper
- A Slight Misunderstanding

Michaels, Anne
- The Winter Vault

Miller, Andrew
- One Morning Like a Bird
- Pure

Miller, Henry
- Black Spring

Millar, Peter
- 1989 The Berlin Wall: My Part in its Downfall

Mills, Magnus
- A Cruel Bird Came to the Nest and Looked in
- Screwtop Thompson

Milton, Giles
- Paradise Lost
- Wolfram: The Boy Who Went To War

Milton, Richard
- Best of Enemies

Mitchell, David
- The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet – David Mitchell

Moore, Alison
- The Lighthouse

Moorhouse, Roger
- Berlin at War

Morais, Richard C
- The Hundred-Foot Journey

Muhlstein, Anka
- Balzac’s Omelette
- Monsieur Proust’s Library

Murukami, Ryu
- From the Fatherland With Love

Murray, Al
- Watching War Films With My Dad

Musil Robert
- The Man Without Qualities

Myerson, George
- A Private History of Happiness

N –

Nesbo, Jo
- Headhunters

Nesser, Håkan
- Hour of the Wolf

New Europe Writers
- Ljubljana Tales

Nicholson, Geoff
- The Lost Art of Walking

Nicholson, William
- The Secret Intensity of Everyday Life

O –

O’Hagan, Andrew
- Be Near Me

- Beside the Sea

Oltermann, Philip
- Keeping Up With The Germans

Oxford University Press (reference books)
- New Oxford Rhyming Dictionary

Oz, Amos
- Rhyming Life and Death

P –

Palahniuk, Chuc
- Pygmy

Parini, Jay
- The Last Station

Park, Ed
- Personal Days

Parks, Tim
- Teach Us To Sit Still

Paasilinna, Arto
- The Year of the Hare

Pastor, Marc
Barcelona Shadows

Pearlman, Edith
- Binocular Vision

Pears, Tim
- Blenheim Orchard
- In The Light of the Morning
- Landed

Peterson, Per
- I Curse The River of Time
- It’s Fine By Me
- To Siberia

Pheby, Alex
- Grace

Postgate, Oliver
- Seeing Things

Prichard, Caradog
- One Moonlit Night

Pushkin, Alexander
- The Bronze Horseman

R –

Radford, Tim
- The Address Book

Rankin, Robert
- Retromancer

Rappaport, Helen
- Conspirator, Lenin in Exile

Reck, Friedrich
- Diary of a Man in Despair

Roach, Mary
- Six Feet Over

Robinson, Marilynne
- Home

Roth, Philip
- Exit Ghost
- Indignation

Ryback, Timothy W
- Hitler’s Private Library

S –

Sagan, Nick
- Future Proof

Sam, Anna
- Checkout – A Life on the Tills

Sanghera, Sathnam
- Marriage Material

Sansom, C J
- Dominion
- Winter in Madrid

Scerbanenco, Giorgio
- A Private Venus

Schroder, Adolf
- The Game of Cards

Schwartz, Lynne Sharon
- The Emergence of Memory

Sebald, W G
- Austerlitz

Sebestyen, Victor
- Revolution 1989

Segnit, Nat
- Pub Walks in Underhill Country

Seierstad, Ãsne
- The Angel of Grozny

Seymour, Gerald
- The Walking Dead

Shepherd, Lynn
- Tom All Alone’s
- Treacherous Likeness, A

Simsion, Graeme – The Rosie Project

- From the Mouth of the Whale

Smith, Joseph
- The Wolf

Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr
- Apricot Jam and Other Stories

Stafford, David
- Endgame 1945

Stamm, Peter
- We’re Flying

Stevenson, Robert Louis
- Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes

Stewart, Chris
- Three Ways to Capsize A Boat

Stourton, Ed
- Cruel Crossing

Suskind, Patrick
- Perfume, the Story of a Murderer

Sutherland, John
- The Boy Who Loved Books
- The Curiosities of Literature
- How to Read a Novel
- Love, Sex, Death and Words (with Stephen Fender)

Swift, Daniel
- Bomber County

Swift, Graham
- Making an Elephant

Szabó, Magda
- The Door

Szerb, Antal
- Journey By Moonlight

T –

Tartt, Donna
- The Goldfinch

Taylor, Andrew
- Anatomy of Ghosts

Taylor, D J
- At the Chime of a City Clock
- The Windsor Faction

Tenenbom, Tuvia
- I Sleep in Hitler’s Room

Theorin, Jacob
- The Asylum
- The Quarry

Theroux, Marcel
- Far North

Theroux, Paul
- The Lower River

Thomas, David
- Ostland

Thompson, Brian
- Keeping Mum

Thubron, Colin
- Shadow of the Silk Road

Tóibín, Colm
- The Empty Family

Tolkien, Simon
- Orders from Berlin

Tolstoy, Sophia
- The Diaries of Sophia Tolstoy

Torberg, Friedrich
- Young Gerber

Trollope, James
- Slater’s Sussex

Tsiolkas, Christos
- The Slap

Tyler, Anne

- The Amateur Marriage
- Digging to America
- Noah’s Compass

U –

Ungar, Herman
- Boys and Murderers
- The Class
- The Maimed

V –

Van Dis, Adriaan
- Repatriated

Van Dyke, Henry
- The Other Wise Man

Vann, David
- Caribou Island
- Legend of a Suicide

Various Authors
- Penguin Lines

Verhulst, Dimitri
- The Misfortunates

Vermes, Timur
- Look Who’s Back

Vickers, Salley – The Cleaner of Chartres

Vitali Vitaliev
- Life as a Literary Device

Von Ditfurth, Christian
- A Paragon of Virtue

Von Rezzori, Gregor

- Memoirs of an Anti-Semite
- Oedipus at Stalingrad
The Orient Express
- The Snows of Yesteryear
- see also my article, Gregor Von Rezzori – an appreciation

W -

Wagner, Jan Costin
- Winter of the Lions

Waller, John
- A Time to Dance, a Time to Die

Walser, Robert

- The Assistant
- Institute Benjamenta
- Selected Stories
- The Tanners

Wassermann, Jakob
- My First Wife

Waters, Sarah
- The Little Stranger

Weihe, Richard
- Sea of Ink

Weiringa, Tommy
- Caesarion

Welch, Frances
- The Russian Court at Sea

Weller, Anthony
- The Land of Later On

Welsh, Louise
- The Cutting Room

Wilson, Richard
- Don’t Get Fooled Again

Winder, Simon
- Germania

Woodward, Gerard
- August - see In Praise of the Trilogy
- A Curious Earth, see also In Praise of the Trilogy
- Caravan Thieves
- I’ll Go To Bed at Noon
- Nourishment
- see also my article on Gerard Woodward’s Jones family trilogy

Wolf, Maryanne
- Proust and the Squid

Woolfson, Esther
- Corvus, A Life With Birds

Wright, Elizabeth
- Brief Lives: Virginia Woolf

X –

Y –

Yallop, David
- The Power and the Glory

Yassin-Kassab, Robin
- The Road From Damascus

Z -

Zimler, Richard
- The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon
- The Search for Sana
- The Seventh Gate
- The Warsaw Anagrams

Zweig, Stefan
- Amok and Other Stories
- Beware of Pity
- Chess
- Fantastic Night and Other Short Stories
- Burning Secret
- Post Office Girl, The
- World of Yesterday, The