Review: Hour of the Wolf – Håkan Nesser

hour of the wolfAfter two years and three months my Kindle finally gave up the ghost by presenting me with a screen consisting of a mess of horizontal lines and black and white blocks. It’s had some pretty rough treatment – being put in my trouser pocket while on long cycle rides, being rolled on when I fell asleep while reading it and being exposed to sand and salt on many days on the beach.

I decided it was still worth ringing Amazon to see if they could offer me anything and was surprised to find that after being passed around three different people I was offered a significant discount on a new Kindle (with the amount of money I spend on ebooks I could say that they should just have sent me a new one for free).

Without a lot of thought I opted for the Paperwhite version and didn’t realise it was a touch-screen model.  When it arrived I turned it on and while I was looking for non-existent buttons I didn’t realise that the screen was asking me to choose a language and I inadvertently selected Chinese.  The confirmation screen then gave me two choices – in Chinese (presumably accept or cancel) and I chose the wrong one – result: a fully Chinese Kindle.

It would of course be a simple job to change the language back again were the menus not now written in Chinese characters.  I rang Amazon again and the agent was able to tell me which menu options to choose by counting down from the top and eventually  I ended up with an English language Kindle but with some irritating Chinese pop-ups such as dictionary which I managed to get rid of over the next couple of days.

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